In Act 1: Desire a performer meditates upon her futile use of all of her senses such as food, sex, tastes, smells, etc. to fill the endless flow of longing for the fulfillment of desire. Through a constructed ritual, she tries unsuccessfully to satiate the body/mind incessantly cravings and desires. 
   Ritual is a powerful and basic human need that is critical to our healthy development as individuals and in communities. As humans, we perform countless rituals in our daily lives, some as mundane as brushing our teeth every morning and some considered special such as a marriage ceremony. As we mature we tend to hold onto rituals for comfort, enjoyment, sense of community, even holding to rituals that cease to hold true power or meaning for us personally anymore. 
  Using food as a catalyst for the ritual, the performer combines art making and meditation into a singular act, a conscious acknowledgement of and attempt to debunk the strong nihilistic tendency in the history of performance art. There is no resolution or completion to this ritual, reflecting the human experience of never being fully and completely happy, satisfied or fulfilled.