This video is a collection of familiar actions examining the language and act of wishing.  By taking the actions out of context and isolating them, they become significant and meaningful allowing the viewer a specified focus. These rituals presented together in a new way create a unique language that questions the act of wishing. We are concerned with the ritualistic aspect of wishing; when everyday objects become magical and the psychology of mental and emotional (re)affirmation. The rituals are staged for the camera because we want to isolate the action to be able to be examined them as closely as possible.

The act of wishing is emotional and psychological and is a fundamental component of human nature and culture. Serving as folklore, superstition and ritual, it is timeless and can be found universally in a variety of forms. Many cultures or geographic regions have specific and/or codified methods of engaging in making a wish.

People find ways to infuse meaning into all areas of their life. By using the act of wishing, we amplify the viewers’ awareness of the human need to attempt to control things they feel are not under their control and how this need affects ones life.